I’m speaking at FRINGE!

My topic is “Functional GUI Apps” in which I will try to convince you that GUIs don’t have to be tangles of state transforming events.

When I first started using F#, I immediately recognized it as a wonderful data modeling and transformation language. But I wasn’t quite sure how to write GUI apps with it.

Sure, F# supports writing object oriented code so you can build UIs just as you would in C#. But I wanted more - I wanted my UI layer to have the same elegance as my model layer.

After a few false starts, I not only found that it’s possible to do GUIs in a functional style, but that there are a lot of advantages to doing it that way. I will be presenting my findings and also the work of others that have played in this fun world.

Mea Culpa: Dedicated readers will note that I whined a lot about not getting to speak at FRINGE just a couple days ago. Why this change of news? One simple answer: I’m terrible at email. Yes, my talk got accepted and, through my own cleverness, I never saw the acceptance letter. Some days… some days…