Today I’m pleased to release Calca 1.4 for iOS.


This is an exciting release for me for two reasons.

First, this is the best version of Calc; it supports:

  • Plotting
  • Dark Mode
  • iPad Pro and side-by-side apps
  • Many keyboard fixes that will prevent text from jumping around

Second, I’m trying something a little crazy with the price - Calca for iOS is now free! This means more people than ever can try Calca and see how it can be used to solve their problems.

How can an independent app developer survive making a free app? Don’t worry, I didn’t fill it with ads. Except one small ad: a request for a donation to support the development of Calca. I’m hoping that users will find enough value in it that they will contribute some money towards its development. These contributions in no way add features to the app - they only remove the donation request. Your contribution enables me to continue working on that app, and I thank you for it. 

The donations are tied to a time period. This provides a way for you to choose an amount that you’re comfortable with and also provides a way for you to donate multiple times if you’re feeling like an awesome superhero of a person. #justsaying

This is a bit of an experiment - one that I hope will pan out because I am truly excited to see how many people will use the app now that it’s free. That said, I am open to failure and learning from it. Let’s see how the patronage model works!

Anyway, enough about that. Go get Calca and get calculating!